Regardless of the activity, the basics are really important. Techniqueis literally the “how” of what we do. We want to make sure that the technique we use on the instruments allows us to get as much done with as little effort as possible. Consistency of technique will also help us perform more predictably. This is very important as we learn how to take the ideas we have in our heads and begin to communicate them with our bodies.


Obviously, holding the sticks or mallets is very important. We want to hold the implements in such a way that maximizes the natural strength of our hands, and allows us to maximize the leverage of the stick/mallet

Step 1:
Point to the first joint of the index finger. Great! now point to the pad of the thumb. These two points are what we will refer to as “The Fulcrum”. The fulcrum is important because 1) it isthe main contact point with the stick 2) It allows the stick to move like a seesaw when we need it to

2017 Frith Percussion